Vangla släng
Bellick: "The Ten Commandments do not mean a box of piss in here. We got two commandments and two only. First commandment is YOU GOT NOTHING' COMING.
YOU GOT NOTHING' COMING: Common prison term indicating that an inmate is not deserving of regular issue or privileges.
TALKIN' OUT THE SIDE OF YOUR NECK: A phrase officers use to express disbelief in what an inmate is saying. The phrase is derived from a time when prisoners were not allowed to speak to each other and learned to talk to the person next to them while standing and looking straight ahead.
Sucre: "Suggest you take a seat, FISH."
FISH: A new prisoner
Sucre: "Trey Street Deuces got hoops, Norteños got handball, Woods got the weight pile and the C.O.s got the rest."
C.O.: Correctional Officer.
Sucre: "He's my new CELLIE."
CELLIE: Cellmate.
Sucre: "You couldn't BUST A GRAPE in Napa with a set of cleats on."
BUST A GRAPE: To challenge another inmate to take physical action.
C-Note: "You're one mixed up SNOWFLAKE, you know that?"
SNOWFLAKE: Derogatory term for a Caucasian.
Sucre: "Only time those boys are getting out is for chapel and P.I.."
P.I.: Prison industries. The prison-run work program for inmates.
C.O.: "Burrows. ROLL IT UP. Happy hour's over."
ROLL IT UP: Order by an officer for a prisoner to move out of an area.
Pope: "Behavior like that out on the yard today isn't tolerable in my prison. Ninety days in the SHU ought to be enough time for you to contemplate that fact, arrive at the same conclusion."
SHU: Segregated Housing Unit. Pronounced "shoe," prisoners can be placed there as punishment, or if they pose a threat to prison security. The SHU is characterized by almost total isolation, sensory deprivation and a limited access to programs
SHAKEDOWN: A search of a cell by correctional officers.
Sucre: "The DIRT shuts down the water so you can't flush your contraband."
DIRT: Disciplinary Intervention and Response Team. Specially trained correctional officers who are utilized in shakedowns, riots, to break up fights, etc.
Bellick: "Got a SHANK in here."
SHANK: Handmade prison weapon, usually used for stabbing.
Westmoreland: "I'm sixty years old with sixty years left on my TICKET."
TICKET: Prison sentence.
T-Bag: "Well, you wanna fight, you gonna get your chance. Next COUNT."
COUNT: The institutional count, repeated at different times in the day. Everything stops while prison staff make sure no one is missing.
Bellick: "All due respect, sir, a LOCKDOWN's not going to do anything."
LOCKDOWN: The policy of confining a group of prisoners or an entire prison to cells. This is generally done in response to unrest or emergency.
Michael: "Sounds good to me, BOSS."
BOSS: A correctional officer.
C.O.: "Head's up 7-UP, cons. Stand your gate."
7-UP: A correctional officer is approaching.
Michael: "I've got no BEEF with you."
BEEF: Conflict; a score to settle.
Sucre: "BADGE! Badge!"
BADGE: Correctional officer.
C.O.: "I seen your KICK, Sucre. You got something like forty cents to your name."
KICK: Banking account for inmates, used to purchase goods from the commissary.
Sara: "I think you better have I.A. conduct and investigation."
I.A: Internal Affairs
Sucre: "A cell phone in here that's cardinal sin number one. They tack 2 years onto your BID, automatic."
BID: Sentence
Bellick: "How're those BONE YARD visits going with your girlfriend?"
BONE YARD: family (conjugal) visiting area.
Sucre: "Please don't DEAD my conjugals."
DEAD: To deprive an inmate of privileges or possessions
Sucre: Sixteen months from now, I'm AT THE GATE.
AT THE GATE: Released from prison.
Sucre: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm ROLLING IT UP .
ROLL IT UP: To move to other housing
Sucre: They HAWGED my conjugals, pinche. All cause of your little bar of soap.
HAWGED: To have something taken away.
Sucre: You dig in my cell while I'm there? I'm gonna SPLIT YOUR WIG. Comprende?
SPLIT YOUR WIG: A quick punch to the head.
Sara: "If you want, I could recommend that you be put in AD-SEG."
AD-SEG: A protective housing unit for the safety and security of inmates considered to be at risk- gang defectors who serve as informants, violent inmates at risk of doing harm to themselves or others, inmates who are vulnerable targets for attack.
Haywire: "Halfway houses, psych visits, meds, checking in with a P.O., urine tests, keeping a job? No."
P.O.: Parole Officer
Sucre: "I gotta hang up now, I gotta go back in THE BLOCK ."
THE BLOCK: Cell Block
Bellick: "What? The shrinks cleared Haywire for reentry into GEN POP."
GEN POP: General Population. The mainline. Prisoners who can mix with other prisoners.
C.O.: "I said back off, Haywire! You want a HOT SHOT?"
HOT SHOT: Pepper spray.
Bellick: Next inmate that opens his mouth goes to THE HOLE !
THE HOLE: Segregated housing where inmates may be placed for limited disciplinary terms or on an indeterminate basis for posing a general threat to prison security.
C.O. Mack: "Alright, Burrows - but don't make me check your TRUNK for splinters."
TRUNKING: The practice of sneaking contraband by hiding in one's buttocks.
Michael: "Once I knew I was going to jail, my attorney petitioned the D.O.C., see if I could be placed here."
D.O.C.: Department of Corrections.